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League Matches – 2nd Week 17th Oct 14 ( Result )

1Fireboyz VS Galiyakot Strickers ** Fireboyz won by 6 runs   *Target 170

Qualifers Matches – 17th Oct 14 (Result)

1. BGI VS Malva Strickers ** BGI won by 7 wkts * Target 92

2. ALF VS Dunagarpur Xi** Dungarpur  won by 09 wkts**Target 61

3. Mountain Lions VS FSC Ratlam** Mountain Lions won by 38 runs **Target 136

4. BGI VS Banswara Royals*** BGI won by 08 Wkts **Target 74

16 Teams of 16th AAC


15th AAC Grand Final :– Fireboyz VS Banswara Battlers


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